Martin 242 North American Trophies - August 2014
"Ocean Mist" platter auctioned to raise funds for cancer research.
Sea Devil Regatta Art Trophies - April 2014
"Irish" Platter - April 2014
She Devil Regatta Trophies - 2014
King Harbor Race Week Art Trophies - March 2014
King Harbor Race Week Trophies - March 2014
2013 - Re-worked an old piece for an art auction donation.
Beyond the Shore Festival Art Trophies - October 2013
She Devil Regatta Trophies - April 2011
King Harbor Boat Parade Trophies - December 2012
Kiln formed cast glass coral.
2012 - Cast Glass Coral
A side view of a seascape showing the layers of texture achieved through multiple firings and techniques.
2009 - Curved Sea Horse Piece
2011 - Angelfish
2010 - Sea Horse
Another view of the completed installation.
Before - Periscoping stainless steel chimney with unwanted side vent.
Before - flat stainless steel stove vent.
Side view showing a single copper piece installation without vent slats.
Completed project with the contrasting copper vent chimney.
A before picture of the flag pole base.
Mysterious pipe protruding from the old base.
Building the forms for the new base.
The base of the flag pole was not square so we poured a new concrete one over the previous.
Checking the edges with a dry fit.
Another view of the completed project.
Finally complete and looking good.
Compass Rose Glass Tiles
Pink and Blue Glass Vase

Pink  “Lingerie” vase fused by Julie Coll and rolled by Myles Freedman.

Inspire – Create – Enjoy

Welcome to the studios of Moonrise Designs

As an artist my imagination is ignited by the magic of glass. I like to explore how light moves through glass and bounces off of it. I love playing with texture and dimension.

I create contemporary glass art for residential and commercial environments. I love collaborating on projects. It is very satisfying to help someone create a meaningful art piece or installation.

I love talking “glass”. Contact me to discuss your next project.

818.268.4740 or

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Glass can be a challenging medium, there is always something new to learn or technique to try.

Explore my creations and projects.

About the Artist

Julie wasn't always an artist. Discover how she started working with glass, the joys of a second career after kids and other passions that fill her life.

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"He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands, and his head and his heart is an artist." - St. Francis

Join me on my artistic journey with glass.