About the Artist

Julie Coll Julie Coll was not always an artist but something occurred in her life that moved her in a new direction.  Approximately eleven years ago, Julie lost a dear friend to cancer and her heart was broken. In the process of healing, she wanted and needed something that would soothe her soul and so she began searching for a way to process her emotions.  The answer came when she began taking creative art classes, which ultimately led her to glass art.  Once discovering this unique medium, Julie knew it was the perfect art form for her not only because it allowed her to express her emotions and creativity; it also became a way for her to honor and pay tribute to her dearest friend. Julie discovered that working with glass art is an unusual form of expression, one that allowed her a depth of originality and inspiration she had not experienced in any other medium. Besides being able to create something so unique, she found a different direction by using dimensionality and texture, which permits her to make each piece appear more realistic.  The process is more challenging and difficult, but when she collaborates with someone who becomes the recipient of a handmade piece of glass art, the reward is nothing short of transcendent.  Whether for the purpose of practicality or for the sheer joy of owning a spectacular piece, Julie has enjoyed creating hundreds of unique pieces for an array of commercial and residential clients.

After over ten years of study and being inspired by exceptional teachers and mentors all of which continue to support her efforts, when Julie shares her works of art, her intention is to connect with her audience at a very deep and personal level.  Because the process of working with glass is so unique, each time she creates a new piece her emotions and ideas are expressed in an inventive and very tactile way.

As a resident of Redondo Beach, Julie is based in Southern California where she works from two separate studios in Northridge and Redondo Beach. She often finds inspiration from her other passions – sailboat racing, gardening, cooking and her love of the sea. Julie enjoys sharing her knowledge of glass and having visitors join her in the studio to collaborate in the totally fascinating creative process.


Working with glass art has become the key to my sense of beauty, magic and imagination.  As an artist, I work both at an intentional and sometimes unconscious level, allowing the glass to take me where it will, often leading to happy accidents that surprise and delight me.  I am influenced by everything and although I enjoy stretching my imagination with different elements, I have found that working with kiln formed glass is the most rewarding.  I can honestly say that I am passionately obsessed with glass texture and dimension, as this form of depth adds realism to my pieces.  The best way to describe it is that something transformative happens between my relationship with glass and how it reflects on my state of mind.  Because glass is a material that is tough yet breakable, it allows me to communicate the essence of life both from its greatest strength and from its most vulnerable.