Finally complete and looking good.
Checking the edges with a dry fit.
The base of the flag pole was not square so we poured a new concrete one over the previous.
Building the forms for the new base.
Mysterious pipe protruding from the old base.
A before picture of the flag pole base.
Another view of the completed project.

Glass Compass Rose Flag Pole Installation

King Harbor Yacht Club – Redondo Beach, CA

Completed April 2012

Project Objective: Revitalize the flag pole compass rose so it wouldn’t need to be repainted every year.

Challenges: In the planning stages we quickly discovered an issue with the base. The flag pole was not centered in the original cement base. For years the paint scheme had camouflaged this fact. In addition there was a sealed pipe protruding from the base on one side.

Method/Process: To get the base prepared we removed 40 years of paint layers. Next we built forms to square up the base putting the flagpole in the center. A new cement base was poured. In the mean time the glass tiles were cut and fired into 8 large multicolor tiles. A double layer of clear was used on top for future maintenance of any scratches. The tiles were hand ground for a snug fit.

Updated April 2013

The small white tiles around the base were purchased before the final installation of the compass rose glass tiles. After a year the tiles and grout were not holding up in the harsh marine environment. The small 1″ by 1″ tiles were removed. We replaced them with white glass tile that I created. The tiles were fitted on site to ensure a snug fit with the sloping patio.