I’m in LOVE with aventurine blue glass!!

The background glass for the 2012 Boat Parade

Well, it’s going to be a short but very busy week in the studio. I leave to go out of town on Thursday. When I get back the King Harbor Boat Parade glass trophies are due so I need to stay on track. I fired the trophy background glass yesterday and it looks beautiful. I’m glad I waited. I almost fired Saturday night but would have been in bad shape if I had done so. Our power went out for three hours which would have been a catastrophe if I had been in the middle of a kiln firing. This is the first time I have worked with aventurine blue glass……I am in love! It has a super cool sparkle to it without being too much. Next up for this project is creating the custom glass for the sea horses. I know more seahorses right? Actually this year’s logo is a seahorse and the client wants a literal translation. No worries on that since I love creating them.