2013 - Re-worked an old piece for an art auction donation.
A side view of a seascape showing the layers of texture achieved through multiple firings and techniques.
2012 - Cast Glass Coral
2011 - Angelfish
2010 - Sea Horse
2009 - Curved Sea Horse Piece


Janine's SeascapeI love the ocean and nothing brings me more joy than creating seascapes. Although my pieces are simple in composition they are quite complex in their creation. Often I start with the tedious process of making a unique piece of glass. I will cut and reassemble small pieces of glass much like a quilter. The fired glass slab brings together the cornucopia of colors that I have arranged. I could cut the same shape out of the glass slab but each piece will be unique due to all the small hand cut glass pieces fired together.

The Glass Angel Fish Seascape From my very first glass piece I have been obsessed with dimension. I want to push the glass out in a relief rather than encapsulating images under a smooth surface. I use many techniques and multiple firings to achieve these results. I create the organic curves and unusual shapes by working with glass in its molten form in a process called vitrograph. My coral is created in a separate firing and then shaped. Several layers and composition components are created in individual firings. The final kiln firing that brings everything together takes 50+ hours. Some pieces can have over 100 hours total firing time in various kilns.

In my work I tend to prefer translucent glass. I love the way that light shines through the pieces and bounces around a space. The same holds true for the dichroic glass I often use. The metallic coating on the glass bounces light around in some amazing ways. I love when a client tells me about how their piece ”glows” when the sun light hits it just right.