Completed project with the contrasting copper vent chimney.
Side view showing a single copper piece installation without vent slats.
Before - flat stainless steel stove vent.
Before - Periscoping stainless steel chimney with unwanted side vent.
Another view of the completed installation.

Copper Hand Hammered Vent Chimney Installation

Thompson Residence – Torrance, CA

Completed June 2012

Project Objective: After a recent kitchen remodel the client wanted to incorporate copper in their vent hood. The stainless steel one installed was two pieces with unnecessary side vents. Because the client is Scottish and a collector of fine scotch they wanted something inspired by copper distillery vats.

Challenge: Since the stainless steel vent hood was brand new we didn’t want to replace it. The client like the idea of the contrasting metals.

Process: After hand hammering the copper we fit it around the previous stainless steel chimney. I sealed it to retain the shiny copper surface that comes from hand working the metal. The client loves the installation.